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Our Process

Schnicke Design Build Remodel

Our team works closely with you through every step of the building process, from the initial meeting until we hand over the keys. Whether you’re building or remodeling, each and every step of our process is seamless and collaborative. Here’s what to expect in working with our skilled team of architects and builders

  • Initial Meeting

    • On-site review of project scope at no cost
    • General assessment and discussion of goals
    • Determination of approximate budget

  • Preliminary Design

    • Payment of design deposit
    • Meeting with architect or designer to develop preliminary plans
    • Review zoning and current structure
    • Discussion of specifications with allowances for finishes and details

  • Pricing & Allowance Budget

    • Development of final plans
    • Options specified with details
    • Allowances presented with budget range for each category
    • Revisions of contract and plans until you are satisfied
    • Discussion of financing
    • Outline of construction schedule

  • Final Plans & Execute Contract

    • Presentation of final plan, specifications, and allowances
    • Execution of contract
    • Payment of construction deposit